Choral Chameleon Summer Institute, June 19-26, NYC

Now in its tenth year, The Choral Chameleon Summer Institute’s unique formula is designed to immerse composers and conductors of choral music in the intricacies of the choral idiom in a nurturing environment surrounded by respected professionals. Hosted by Choral Chameleon: 2017-2018 Group-in-Residence at National Sawdust, 2015 winners of the ASCAP/Chorus America award for Adventurous Programming, led by founder Vince Peterson - the 2018 winner of Chorus America's Louis Botto Award for Innovative Action and Entrepreneurial Zeal in the professional choral art. As champions of living composers since 2008, Choral Chameleon’s choirs have premiered over 170 original compositions and arrangements via commissions, our 5 Composers-in-Residence and the Institute.

The Choral Chameleon Summer Institute gives students an opportunity to explore and experiment with writing and conducting techniques in a ‘best-case scenario’. Generous lab and podium time is given to all participants to ensure maximum practical and hands-on experience. The spirit of innovation, married with a traditional perspective on matters of musicianship, work in tandem to provide our students with skills that can enable unlimited thinking.

Previous experience composing for choir not required as long as musicianship thresholds are met.

Open to applicants with a background in any genre of music, at any point in their compositional career. Our alumni have come from the worlds of classical, jazz, beatboxing, singer-songwriter, musical theater and more. We have nurtured everyone from advanced high schoolers to doctoral candidates, from working church, gigging and teaching musicians, to those who can only compose on breaks from their day-jobs and family responsibilities, or those who come to composition later in life.

This unusual blend of students - who are treated on an equal footing - creates a music-making culture like no other.

International applicants are welcomed; we have hosted students from countries such as the UK, Czech Republic, Portugal, Japan and Nigeria. We encourage people of any race, gender and gender identity to apply.

- 8-Day intensive workshop for emerging composers and conductors
- Faculty of world-class composers and conductors with high teacher/pupil ratio
- Work with highly-skilled and academically-fluent professional singers on repertoire & compositions
- Masterclasses from experts in both practical and inspirational topics
- Generous lab choir time
- Individualized attention from clinicians, singers & peers
- Public concert of premieres
- Open to applicants from a diverse range of music backgrounds and study/career stages
- Video & audio recordings from performance and separate audio recording session
- This year we are offering places for 14 composers and 3 conductors.
- We experience high demand from alumni and encourage 1st time applicants to apply early.

Places are offered on a rolling basis after an initial faculty review in Feb/March 2020. Any remaining places are then offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

To apply:

Application Fee: $70
Tuition: $1250

29 Jun 2020
U.S. Dollar (USD)