CALL FOR SCORES- EXPANDING DONNA’S SECRET: FOR FEMALE COMPOSERS WISHING TO GAIN MORE EXPERIENCE IN WRITING FOR LARGE ENSEMBLE: Applicants are invited to compose a 1-3 minute piece for INTERCHANGE, which will be rehearsed in an open rehearsal workshop at 3pm on 3rd May @ The Grand, Clitheroe (supported by a 2-hour introductory briefing @ The Grand, Clitheroe on 22nd Feb and some mentoring from INTERCHANGE composers). INTERCHANGE will perform up to four of the short pieces in their Ribble Valley International Jazz Festival gig at 7.30pm on 3rd May 2020, offering other performance opportunities to all 10 pieces during INTERCHANGE’s 2020-21 album tour. INTERCHANGE will be rolling this scheme out during 2020-21 offering similar opportunities to women composers at other INTERCHANGE gigs. At the end of 2020 INTERCHANGE will commission 10 larger works for its 2021 season, commissioning at least 5 composers from 2020’s pool of 1-3 minute pieces (This opportunity has no age restriction).

14 Feb 2020