We are very pleased to announce the 2020 She Lives Master Class in Composition!
This year with an entire String Orchestra!

Our Master Class in Composition became a most significant course for emerging composers in the international panorama and had the pleasure to have partecipants from the four corners of the world: Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, Ireland, China, US, UK, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Japan, Russia.

During the years of our activity we were able to put our students in contact with the most prestigious institutions in the world and supporting them in the development of their career as professional composers. Some of our Alumni have established themselves as very promising figures in the compositional panorama winning prestigious competitions and having their piece performed by reknown ensembles and orchestras.

Our musical association had the privilege to work with some of the most important institutions and artists in the international panorama: Solisti della Scala di Milano, Roma Opera House, Accademia Chigiana, Filarmonica Romana, Fondazione Scelsi, Royal Embassy of Norway, Swiss Institute in Rome, Warner Classics and great artists such as Peter Eötvös and Lasse Thoresen.

General Info
Period: 17-23 August 2020
Place: House of Music
Ensemble in Residence: Camerata Pelsonore, string orchestra in collaboration with Impronta Ensemble
Final Concert: 23 August 2020 – House of Music. Budapest

Professors: Sidney Corbett, Alessio Elia

Sidney Corbett / Alessio Elia
Writing for strings: extended techniques, microtonality and scordaturas.

The pieces of the students are analyzed and discussed by Corbett and Elia from the point of view of compositional techniques and aesthetics. The conductor and publisher Andreas Luca Beraldo will provide instead a conductorial and editorial approach.

There are three types of application:

1) Active Participants (courses, performances of the works, group lessons, individual lessons)

Active Participants in connection with Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition (monetary prizes, scholarships, performances of the works, possibility of publication, courses, group lessons, individual lessons). Participants applying to the Master Class with this formula enter the Composition Competition for free.


I: 1.000 EUR + publication of the piece by Impronta-Edition + performance

II: 500 EUR + publication of the piece by Impronta-Edition + performance

III. Perfomance + publication of the piece by Impronta-Edition

Additional prizes:

2 Scholarships of 200 EUR each to take part to this SHE LIVES Master Class 2020 in Composition in Budapest as active student

3) Passive Participants (courses, group lessons)

Detailed info at the She Lives website (

The course is held in English.
Individual meetings can be done in the following languages:
Sidney Corbett: English, German, Spanish
Alessio Elia: English, Italian, German, Hungarian

The course provides the performance of the students pieces during the final concert (23 August 2020 – h. 19:00, House of Music).
Composers who wish to apply as active partecipants are invited to write a piece for the ensemble in residence (with conductor):

String orchestra (

6 Violin I

6 Violin II

4 Viola

4 Cello

2 Double-bass

The piece can be written for any combination of the instruments present in the ensemble, from solo instrument to the whole group and must not be longer than 7 minutes.

Scores and parts, preferably written with a music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, etc.), must be sent as a pdf file no later than 12 June 2020 (people who apply via Composition Competition must sent the score no later than 15 May 2020), to the following e-mail address:

The best pieces will be address to major musical instutions for possible concerts and have the possibility to be published by Edition Impronta Mannheim.

This year the composition master class has activated a collaboration with the conducting master class in order to encourage interaction between the composers and the performers in a mutual exchange of views useful to encourage future collaboration between the participants.

Course Fees
Active Students: 580 € (from one instrument up to 4 instruments) // 650 € (from 5 instruments up to the whole orchestra)
Listeners: 300 €

Deadline for enrollment and delivery of the pieces and parts
12 June 2020 (active partecipant)
15 May 2020 (active partecipant via Impronta Ensemble Composition Competition SPECIAL APPLICATION)
16 August 2020 (passive partecipant)


15 May 2020
Euro (EUR)