Works for Violin Solo


I’m an Italian violinist based in Spain, working as Principal 2nd violin in Oviedo Filarmonia. I’m looking for Solo Violin works to record and perform during the 2020 concert season.


1. Instrumentation: Solo violin without accompaniment.
2. Duration: The expected duration of each composition is 10 minutes or less (Works with different movements may be longer, 15 min. approx.).
3. Multimedia: The person who will submit the score may also have the midi file or previous recording of the piece.
4. Works involving electronic are not aloud.
5. Number of Entries: There is no limit on the number of works a composer may submit; however, each work should be submitted as a separate entry. Multi-movement works should be submitted as single entries, even if movements are in separate files.
6. File Formats:
- For the score: .pdf or .sib
- For (optional) audio recordings: .mp3
7. Permission for Use: By submitting to this call, the composer gives permission to record audio or video of any and all concerts in which the submitted piece is included.
8. Language: The languages accepted for the submission are: English, Italian, Spanish or German.
9. Selected composer/composers will be notified by 14th April.

Submission Process

1. Please send your Work and following information to
- Composer’s contact information (name, email address, and website URL, if any)
- Title, instrumentation, and duration of the work
- Composer biography and program notes for the work (maximum 300 words each)
2. An entry fee for each submission. The entry fee for this competition is 5.00 EUR for each submission. (See payment information bellow)
3. Attach proof of payment to the submission email.

Payment information:

- Bank account (BBVA Spain): ES6701827253920201635192
Rest of the World
- Paypal:

31 Mar 2020
Euro (EUR)