Professor: Roberto Brambilla

Requirements: students of any nationality and age are accepted.

Type and duration: Composition masterclass, 6 days

Place: Scuole di Musica Paganini – p.zza San Magno, 13 – Legnano (Milan) - Italy Deadline: July 3, 2020

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Period: 6-11 July 2020

Languages: Italian, English

Morning - exercises and individual lessons.
Afternoon - analysis and lessons.

Who it is for:
Composers looking for a comparison and musicians who they intend to find their own creativity and explore the repertoire traditional and modern. The course, therefore aimed at multiple users, will explore the contents based on the skills of the students.
You can approach the course by enrolling as an active student, as a listener or by enrolling in one lesson as listener.

Active students:
all students who are considered active students will be able to present a piece, the scores of any kind and organic. The active students will actively participate, bringing their own pieces and will write, during the masterclass itself, a new piece for small staff in agreement with the teacher.
Daily individual lessons are dedicated to active students.
Active students can attend all the activities of the course.

all students who, although they have never written music, they are interested in understanding the musical languages through the analyzed scores. Listeners are allowed to follow only the analysis activities.

Lessons in a single meeting:
It is possible to assist as listener at a single collective meeting, during the activities of analysis, without issue of final attestation.

To register, send your CV and sample scores to the secretariat.

Additional information:

This masterclass is a 6 day, full day, in which some will be treated fundamental topics for music writing and analyze some
scores of modern, classical and contemporary music.
The course includes enrollment as listener, active students or lessons at a single meeting.

The general lines of the Masterclass will be:
Comparisons and verification of their work Synthesis and compositional tools
Modern score analysis
Classical score analysis
Contemporary score analysis
Development of an instrumental and / or vocal piece with small staff (1-4 instruments).
The student will be provided with all the necessary information and designed to develop an analysis of the works proposed during the masterclass.
The analyzes of the pieces will also offer a specific cut linked to the vocal music and will also offer some insights related to the forms
musical, vocal and writing of different staff.
The analyzes will be followed by the writing workshops and the exercises of what has been learned, in addition to the comparison with one's own pieces. Learners will also be provided with lecture notes Topics covered.

Entry Fee:
LISTENERS € 250.00, analysis only
SINGLE MEETING LESSON, without certificate issue final, € 60.00

Fees reserved for students of the Paganini school or those who do have attended a course:
LISTERNERS € 125.00, analysis only
SINGLE MEETING LESSON, without certificate issue final, € 60.00


Send a free request to participate to the email address of the school: In this request insert:

Name surname
Date of birth and place
Residential address
A short biography or course of study (in pdf or in the body of the email) Copy of one or more scores (if in possession)
Study instrument (if you study a instrument)

Scuole di musica Paganini
tel: +39 347 393 15 64
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3 Jul 2020
Euro (EUR)