Conlon Foundation Competition.2020 'Installation;Environment'

Conlon Foundation's Disklavier Plus Competition 2020

A competition for a multimedia installation with a central role for Conlon's MIDI-controlled Yamaha Enspire Disklavier. The prize for the winning submission is a presentation/concert/exhibition at the 2020 Gaudeamus Music Week.

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'Since the introduction of digital technology, sound art has undergone a radical transformation. Artists can now create visual images in response to sounds, allow the audience to control the art through pressure pads, sensors and voice activation, and in examples like Jem Finer’s Longplayer, extend a sound so that it resonates for a thousand years. Environments are an alternative term for installation art; environments are mixed-media constructions or assemblages usually designed for a specific place and for a temporary period of time.' TATE MODERN, London

15 May 2020
Euro (EUR)