11th Piano Composition Competition Fidelio via The Internet

Submit your own piano solo composition in audio file to: concursofidelio@gmail.com
You don't need to send the score, just the audio file recording.
Each composition submitted cannot last more than four minutes.

Prizes: 3000 euros and more divided into four categories. Registration: 18 euros per composition submitted. Maximum allowed: 5

You can participate with name or pseudonym.

In this competition you are competitor and judge at the same time, that is, you choose the winner by voting at home for the best works. All the voting results are sent to you via email so that you can check both, the votes given and received. During the voting rounds, the contestants receive comments on their works.
Nobody else but the contestants can vote to choose the winners.

The competition is divided into four styles or categories so that you compete againts works of similar style.

1. Tonal, classical, romantic melodico
2. Jazz, Impresionist, Ragtime
3. Minimalist, experimental, new age
4. Atonal contemporary (some tonal parts are allowed)

No matter how far you are because this is through Internet!!. In previous competitions there have been participation from 47 countries.

Deadline to submit your audio, register and start voting: 31st of May 2020!!

Click on the following link to read the basis and register in case you are interested.


31 May 2020
Euro (EUR)