Fusial String Quartet Call for Scores Contest!

Fusial Quartet is a newly formed string quartet specializing in contemporary classical music. All members are all highly achieved musicians who graduated from the premier music conservatories around the world. With some generous donations, this year, Fusial Quartet is able to hold this call-for-scores contest. The purpose of this call-for-scores contest is to enrich Fusial Quartet's repertoire. Fusial Quartet is enthusiastic about all kinds of styles. They seek to choose a diverse body of compositions into their repertoire. Please be as creative as possible. Technical difficulties are not taken into the consideration of selections.

Submission Guidelines
1) No restriction on the applicant’s background, such as age, nationality, and so on. Everyone is welcome.
2) The maximum duration for each submitted piece is 20 minutes.
3) Instrumentation: string quartet and its subset, including duo, trio, and solo with or without electronics.
4) All submissions must be anonymous. Remove any markings that can indicate or suggest the applicant’s identity. Instead of using your real name, submit the score with a pseudonym. Please use a different pseudonym for each different piece submitted.
5) The naming format for each submitted score: pseudonym_title
a. Score examples: Fuseman_QuestionofLife.pdf
b. Audio examples: Fuseman_QuestionofLife.mp3
6) Each applicant can submit up to three scores. Recordings are encouraged but not necessary. The quality of the recordings holds no importance in the selection process. All the materials should be sent to fusialquartet@gmail.com by the deadline.
7) Application fee: $30 for the submission, and $10 for the second and third submission. Submit the payment via PayPal to fusialquartet@gmail.com Put down your pseudonym as the note when you submit your payment via PayPal or you can email the invoice with your submitting materials to fusialquartet@gmail.com.
8) Deadline: July 15st, 2020 (12:00AM EST)

First Prize – $1000
Second Prize – $700
Third Prize – $300

15 Jul 2020
U.S. Dollar (USD)