CONCAVO & CONVESSO - A Composition Competition from Matera, Southern Italy

The ARTEría Association of Art and Culture and the Historiographic Archive of Raffaele Giura Longo have organized "Concavo & Convesso", a competition for experimental adventurous composers, four of whom will be selected to write works on the text of "La Ballata della Vucchiara ovvero tutto il miele è finito!" by Raffaele Giura Longo.

Three international composers and one local composer will be selected by an international jury and commissioned to make works that may include all or part of the text by Raffaele Giura Longo, or that simply may be inspired by it. The work may be purely musical, or may also include performative elements.

The final works will be performed at the beginning of 2021 in Matera, by an French-Italian ensemble of six performers whose practice is rooted in experimental music and performance, contemporary musical theatre, minimalism, and the interpretation of open works and graphic scores. Composers will be in contact with performers.

The competition is aimed towards composers whose work may be broadly categorised as experimental, or having roots in that tradition.

The aim of the competition is to celebrate, commemorate and spread awareness of one of the lesser known rare poetic, ironic and satirical writings by Raffaele Giura Longo.

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15 Jul 2020
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