Seeking Composer to Score a Short Film


“LOVE & DOGS” (working title) is an independent short film (Total Running Time: 15minutes) about growing up and coming of age, love and heartbreak, and the idealism and naiveté of youth in conflict with the cold practicality and disillusionment of age.

It’s also a film about the unwavering love and loyalty of Dogs.

The film attempts to capture the anguish of a devastating first heartbreak…as well as a feeling of nostalgia - a longing for the innocence and simplicity of the past. Though we may grow up and do our best to move on, looking back will forever elicit a complicated mix of both fond affection and deep regret.

While the film has light, joyful moments, I am seeking to achieve a more thoughtful, melancholic, ‘sadly-sweet’ tone for the piece overall.

To that end, I am looking to hire a Composer to facilitate the writing and recording of a unique musical score which will help evoke that sort of emotional reaction from its viewers.

If interested in being considered, please VIEW A ROUGH CUT OF THE FILM (w/ rough pre-mix sound, minus temp music) here: / PW: gooddogs3.20

Please also listen to/ download a short compilation of some of the music which was most influential to me during the making of this film here:

A Spotify playlist of additional music from which I drew inspiration can be found here:

Ideally, I’d like to find a Composer who is open to a true collaboration – a flexible and talented musician who is genuinely enthusiastic about this project and excited about the prospect of writing and recording music that truly compliments and enhances the final product.

Please contact me via email with your thoughts, questions, ideas or proposals and we will go from there.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In Gratitude,

Ryan Whiting -
Writer/ Director/ Producer ‘Love & Dogs’

1 Jul 2020