Call for score "Solo clarinet"

Diaphonia Edizioni is proud to announce the “Solo Clarinet” Call for Scores.
The selected scores will be published by Diaphonia Edizioni and performed during one or two concerts.


The Call for Scores is open to all composers, regardless of their age or nationality.

The score(s) must be written for Bb clarinet without electronic.

The composition(s) should be between 4-8 minutes in length. Longer or shorter score(s) will be accepted at valuation comitee discration.

We accept compositions which have been already performed but not published.

Multiple submissions are possible. We request a fee of € 20 for the first score and € 10 for any additional scores.

In order to participate, please submit the Google Form at this link only for Google account holders.

Who doesn't hold a Google account, may submit this other Google Form at this link:, sending the document as attachment to the e-mail address

We request the following document:

-A recent photo in high resolution and a short biography (in English and/or in Italian)
-The proposed score in PDF format only.
-A short description of the piece
-A copy of the receipt of payment
-An audio recording of the score(s) although it’s not mandatory (no midi, please).
-The signed declarations form that may be downlodad here:
-The entry fee should be paid by Bank transfer. The bank details are as follows:

IBAN: IT82N0760116500001029771688
payable to Diaphonia società cooperativa, via Maroncelli 46, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (ME) 98051 – Italia.

It is also possible to pay by this paypal link:

The submission deadline is the 5th Agoust 2020.

For info, please, mail to


The jury, composed by members of Diaphonia Edizioni artistic comitee, will evaluate and choose a flexible number of scores.

Prizes are:

First prize: two esecution of the score and publication

Second prize: one esecution and publication

Third prize: publication of the score

The jury may decide not to award some prizes or to award the same prize to more than one scores. Publication is a necessary condition for being able to declare oneself winners.

The winners will be notified by e-mail and they will receive a contract proposal by 31/08/2020.

The winners of all three prizes are entitled, if they wish, to be included in the digital cd "Only clarinet" which will be recorded in 2021 by Diaphonia records. The conditions will be discussed separately.

The winner composers are welcome to attend the concerts but their presence is not mandatory. They are responsible to pay for their own accommodation and travel expenses.

The organizer can decide to cancel the competition if the number of participants is not enough. In this case, the amounts already paid will be returned.

5 Aug 2020
Euro (EUR)