Professional Engraving/Copyist Services


My name is TJ Martin and I'm a professional Composer/Copyist based in Baltimore, MD. One of the hardest things to have time for when writing music is making sure that the final score looks perfect as if it was printed by one of the world's foremost publishers. This task, while important, is incredibly tedious and takes time away from other equally important aspects of composing. That's where I step in: I offer competitively priced engraving services to both give you publisher-ready scores and a chance to focus on building/maintaining the rest of your career.

For references, see the link at the bottom and for full quotes, email me at

1-4 Staves: $6/page
5-10 Staves: $12/page
10+ Staves: $20/page
Wind Ensemble/Orchestra: $20-35/page (depending on size)
Parts: $5/page
Working from .midi or .XML: +$5/page
Working from Hand: +$1/stave/page
Arranging/Orchestrating/Piano Reductions: $25/hr
Cover/Program Note pages Free of Charge!
Physical Score/Parts Available at Extra Cost+Shipping