Call for Quaruntunes


In this time of isolation and social distance when traditional live concert performances are all but impossible, musicians and performing artists are finding new ways to bring their art to audiences. In that spirit, BNMI is announcing Quarantunes. For a limited time, full members of BNMI can submit short (~5 min. or less) solo works for flute (dbl. Bass, Alto and Piccolo), Clarinet (dbl. Bass Cl), Violin, Viola or Percussion (vibraphone, drum set and "found" or small percussion). Submissions need not be anonymous or scrubbed of identifying information. BNMI affiliated musicians will select works to perform and post on social media as they are able. We plan for this opportunity to be available until at least September. Submissions will be reviewed by musicians as they are received. If your piece is chosen for presentation, you will be contacted in advance by the performer or a BNMI staff member with more information. Bring on the music!

Currently, submissions are only available to full members of BNMI.

Submission Information

31 Jul 2020