Sempre21 Youtube Channel call for submissions

Sempre21 is a new YouTube channel that features recordings of contemporary classical music written since 2000 that accurately reflects the wide variety of backgrounds and cultures todays composers come from. Submissions are always welcome! The only requirements are that the work is written after Jan 1st, 2000 and is not already featured on another curated YouTube channel (score follower, Gianopoulos, Grinblat, etc.).

To submit, email with the following:

Year of birth
Downloadable link to recording(s)
Year of composition
Performer name(s)
Headshot for video image

website link
Short program notes
Other identifying info (preferred pronouns, short bio, etc.)

Multiple submissions are welcome!
We are also looking for curators to assist with the channel on a volunteer basis!

Follow our instagram: sempre21

Again, email to submit!