Camin-Art Association and MUSLAB 1st Call for Recordings:

Composers and visual artists of any age, sex, or nationality, are welcome to participate by sending your electroacoustic music, or video art works, to the MUSLAB 2020 International Exhibition of Electroacoustic Music.

MUSLAB 2020 Recording Woks

Guidelines for the works:

• Reception of works: from J 01 to November 01, 2020
• The duration of the works will be free.
• Only one work will be admitted for each category defined by composer.
• The works must be signed by the author (s) (pseudonyms are not allowed).
• All works, including those that have been previously presented in competitions and concerts, may participate if accompanied by a letter of consent for their presentation and recording in this compilation.
• The Author assumes the responsibility of having the rights to present and publish the work that he submits to this exhibition.
• There is no registration fee.


• Category A (Audio only): Open to autonomous electroacoustic music compositions (tape music) in stereo.
• Category B (Audio and video): Open to autonomous electro-acoustic music compositions, only one movement regardless of duration. Pieces thought for electroacoustic and video.
No. of Channels: Stereo, 5.1
Allowed formats: .aif, .wav, .mov, .mp4

Submission of Works.

You must register electronically at the link posted at the bottom of this page and attach your files in a file ZIP format with the following documents:

1. Your piece in full version high quality format.
3. A photograph in good resolution.
4. Signed letter of consent. (Download here).

No. of Channels: Stereo or 5.1
Allowed formats: .aif, .wav, .mov, .mp4

IMPORTANT: Do not use storage servers that delete files sent after a certain time (for example, Wetransfer). Your files must be available at all times and until the date of publication of the results. Some options are: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive.

On the selection of works.

• CaminArt Association and MUSLAB Ensemble extend an invitation to renowned composers and musicologists, all with extensive experience in electroacoustic music to form a Selection Committee that will review the quality of the sound and visual works to be presented.
• The selected works will be recorded, presented, and broadcast.

• In order to welcome you in the best possible conditions, we will be pleased to inform you of your possible assistance together with the submission of the works and tentative dates of your trip.

• Travel, accommodation or food expenses will not be covered, however, creators willing to travel will be supported by sending them letters or invitations addressed to the entities that they indicates to us or ho are managing support to cover thouse expenses.

• By participating with his work in the Exhibition, the composer gives his consent, rights and authorization to record and broadcast his work, exempting MUSLAB from any payment or liability with copyright associations or entities, and grants the Permission to broadcast his work in concerts, activities and radio broadcasts where the MUSLAB International Electroacoustic Music Show is broadcast.

• All the works that are recorded with a record company, must have a letter stating this fact, as well as the record label's permission that they can be broadcast and published within the International Exihibition of Electroacoustic Music , MUSLAB.

• If the author decides to participate in the selection for the production of a CD-DVD, which will be sent to different sound libraries and libraries around the world, he must send a letter giving his consent to record his work in the edition of this CD-DVD. . The composer retains the copyright but authorizes the recording and dissemination of his work for this edition.

• The audio recordings submitted to the contest will not be returned to the composers and will remain in the files of the CaminArt Association and will be donated to the National Sound Archive.

• The Selection Committee may decide not to include a work in the sample or change the program.

• International Exihibition of Electroacoustic Music , MUSLAB is not a contest; It is a call and an opportunity to promote sound art linked to the creation of visual effects in public spaces, training in new technologies and an artistic contribution to strengthen social coexistence.
• CaminArt Association / MUSLAB Ensemble are nonprofit organizations that aspires to promote contemporary art activities in all the world, we work with different organizations that are interested in promoting and impulse, today's art.

• All participants will be notified when their work is received and once it has been selected.

• The selected pieces will be recorded and published in a compilation of electroacoustic music.

• The participating compositions may be broadcast on radio and internet.

30 Sep 2020