Universal Artists Festival, virtual master classes and lessons for Composers with Lei Liang

About UAF:

In cooperation with the top three music schools, the Universal Arts Festival is the first online summer camp. We have a team of professors from top American music schools and world-renowned performers as our mentor team. Learn one-on-one with famous school professors for you and your children without leaving home. Make the admission of famous schools come true and change the fate of children.

The Universal Artists Festival has a "Accelerando Program" designed for students over 13 years old to prepare for the United States and a “Crescendo Program“ designed for children around 7 years old. Tailor the most suitable course content for different level of students.

Our courses include afternoon tea seminar for parents, new forms of performance and innovative plans within the master class. We believe that by exploring advanced Western educational philosophy, we can open up horizons of music learning for parents and students. Whether you want to become a student of Ivy League or a professional student of the Conservatory of Music. Music is closely related to our daily life, and it always draws closer to the emotions between people. We will learn how to build a more natural understanding of things through music.

During Aug 10th - 23rd, Universal Artists Festival will invite Lei Liang, a winner of the 2020 Grawemeyer Award for Music Composition, to hold 4 masterclasses. Other classes include composition seminars, rehearsal and recording classes, composition and electronic media classes, musical engraving classes with software. (All of the classes will take place online.)

For more information and registration, Please contact: INFO@UAFESTIVAL.ORG

10 Aug 2020
U.S. Dollar (USD)