Call for compositions

„to be prepared - to be repaired”

The Viennese ensemble "snim" is calling for new compositions for the festival "das kleine symposion 2021" following the topic “to be prepared – to be repaired“. The festival, with three concert evenings, takes place in October 2021 at echoraum in Vienna.
With next year’s topic “to be prepared – to be repaired” we invite composers to work within the poles of improvisation and composition and ask the following questions:

How do you prepare yourself for working with an ensemble of improvising musicians? How do you prepare the composition for this? How do you prepare the ensemble, the instruments, the room, yourself for the composition?

To repair something is often part of the preparation process. What should, what can be repaired? Or even: can music repair something by itself?

You can submit finished compositions and conceptual pieces as well as concrete ideas for new works.

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31 Aug 2020