Eugene Contemporary Chamber Ensemble - Call for scores

Call for Scores
We want to play your music!

ECCE seeks to expand the repertoire of concert music through a continual call for scores. Our programming is diverse, and our interests are ranging—chamber music, solo instrumental works, multimedia, electronic, collaborative, or anything else that you think we might be interested in performing.

We constantly review the scores we receive, keeping in mind the following:
What are our current programming needs?
Do we have the resources to present a compelling performance?
Does the piece intrigue and interest us in some way?

Tips for a successful score submission:
Include a little about yourself. No biographies please, just tell us a little about who you are and what you do.
Tell us why your piece is exciting to you, or what you think the audience should know before hearing it.
Provide us with a clear, correct, and legible PDF of the score.
If recordings are available, please provide us with a link where we can go listen to the piece. Please DO NOT send us recordings directly.