Seeking compositions and/or performances focused on The 21st-century Voice, Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice

Seeking compositions and/or performances focused on the extra-normal voice (extended vocal techniques) for the second edition of The 21st-century Voice, Contemporary and Traditional Extra-Normal Voice by Michael Edward Edgerton (1st ed, 2005), part of the New Instrumentation Series, Scarecrow Press (

The New Instrumentation Series, originally with the University of California Press, has been an invaluable resource to composers and performers of contemporary music since 1974. In total, the series included:

The Contemporary Contrabass, by Bertram Turetzky. The New Instrumentation, Vol. I, co-edited by Turetzky and Barney Childs, Berkeley: The University of California Press, 1974.
The Avant Garde Flute by Thomas Howell, Vol. II, 1975.
The Modern Trombone by Stuart Dempster, Vol. III, 1975.
New Directions for Clarinet by Philip Rehfeldt, Vol. IV, 1976.
The Contemporary Guitar, by John Schneider, Vol. V, 1982.
Writing for Pedal Harp, by Lou Anne Neil, Vol. VI, 1985.
The Contemporary Contrabass, by Bertram Turetzky, Vol. VII, Revised, 1989.

Currrently, the following books are published in the New Instrumentation Series by Scarecrow Press: New Directions for Clarinet by Philip Rehfeldt; The Contemporary Violin, Extended Performance Techniques by Patricia Strange and Allen Strange; Oboe Unbound by Libby Van Cleve; The 21st Century Voice by Michael Edward Edgerton

I am seeking scores and recordings (audio and video) that feature sound production techniques outside of western art-song and/or with a sole basis on tones in the dynamical class of the limit cycle (that is, a single fundamental frequency with a gently sloping harmonic spectrum). No genre or aesthetic is favored – therefore I am interested in composed or improvised music, spoken word, mimicry, whistle, jodel, pathological voice or any other category of sound produced through the human oral-nasal tract.
If chosen, scores excerpts will be included in the book, while audio/video excerpts will be featured online - note that there will not be a cd included with this 2nd edition.

All submitted materials must be accompanied by a completed and signed copyright release form, which can be found here:

Information regarding the first edition
Book Description
The text features a comprehensive discussion of extra-complex methods of vocal sound production, within an acoustic and physiologic framework. Most importantly the text and associated recordings propose methods for continued creative exploration. The book has received exceptional reviews (see below) and is now available from Scarecrow Press. Due to the comprehensive treatment of extra-complex vocal production within a scientific framework, the book has a broad appeal that extends beyond musical composition and performance to include voice science, acoustics, linguistics, computer modeling and more.

The structure of the first edition was based upon current understanding of voice production, and used the following outline:
I. AIRFLOW [1: Airflow]
II. SOURCE [2: Vocal Folds; 3: Laryngeal Semi-Periodic Source; 4: Registral] III. RESONANCE/ARTICULATION [5: Filtering; 6: Turbulent To Absolute Airflow Modification] IV. HEIGHTENED POTENTIALS [7: Combinatorial, Multiphonic Principles; 8:
Pushed to an Extreme; 9: Interface]
V. CONTEXT [10: Ex (In) Tended Context: The Voice as Other]

Changes to the second edition include, but not limited to:
A) new and improved images; B) more on nonlinearity and asymmetry (including more on training); C) new chapter on composer/performer interaction; D) revisit audio/score samples; E) more discussion on notation for extended techniques; F) take out chapter 10 on context; G) take out chapter 9 on interface; H) appendix on representative works itemized within acoustical framework

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Dr. Michael Edward Edgerton
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