PROJECT : ENCORE™ Submissions Guidelines

PROJECT : ENCORE™ Submissions Guidelines
General Instructions
Entry is limited to one composition per composer per quarter. Quarterly submission deadlines are on the 15th of January, April, July, and October.
Composers of any age are eligible. (Compositions may be submitted posthumously if accompanied by a legal, notarized document granting authority to do so.
The composer is responsible for obtaining permission for use of any copyrighted materials (texts, recording, etc.)
Submission of any materials for consideration indicates you have read and accept the PROJECT : ENCORE™ Terms of Use.
The quality of the submitted manuscript must meet professional performance standards.
Procedure: Following all instructions carefully. An incomplete or erroneous submission will not be reviewed.
Complete the Composer Submission Form.
Prepare the following:
An electronic file of the complete score from which all composer-identifying marks have been removed.
The file must be in PDF format and not exceed 7 MB in size. If a score exceeds the 7 MB limit, you will need to break it down into smaller segments. Each segment cannot exceed 7 MB in size.
The file should be named: titleofwork_ANONYMOUS.pdf.
A full score that has any composer identify marks will not be considered.
A partial score that will convey to reviewers the general nature of the composition.
This partial score must have your name clearly visible on the first page. It may also have your name in the header on subsequent pages if you desire. If your work is selected, this is the score that will be stored in the database so it is important that your name be clearly visible.
The file must be in PDF format and not exceed 2 MB.
The file should be named: titleofwork_SAMPLE.pdf.
A complete (or nearly complete) sound recording of a performance or a MIDI-generated realization of the work.
The audio file must be in MP3 format and cannot exceed 7 MB. Any file not meeting these requirement will not be considered. Larger works may need to be either broken down into smaller sections or compressed in quality to reach the 7MB limit.
If the audio file is of a live performance, you must secure the permission of the performing group by having the conductor of the performance submit a Conductor's Permission Form.
The file should be named:: titleofwork.mp3.
Send all materials to Separate emails may be necessary for large files. Important: Put your name and the title of the work in the Subject Field of each email. This is the only way PROJECT : ENCORE can track your materials.
No score will be reviewed until all of the above items have been completed correctly.
If you have any questions, email
After submission:
The submitted full score will be coded for identification by our staff and then sent on for review by a committee of three distinguished choral conductors. Anonymity of the entrants will be maintained throughout the review process.
You will be notified when the committee has reached a decision.
If, in the opinions of the committee members, your composition meets the required performance standards, the work will be added to the PROJECT : ENCORE™ database along with your biography and photograph.
An electronic copy of each entry will be retained by PROJECT : ENCORE™ for archival purposes.