Visby International Centre for Composers – A work and meeting place for composers

ISCM/VICC Composers in Residency Program

VICC will annually provide to ISCM six places of
residency in its center, each of a maximum period
of one month. VICC will accept the six composers
as selected by the ISCM without going through its normal selection panel for such residency.

All National Sections and Associate members of the ISCM are eligible to nominate a maximum of one composer candidate per year to this project.
For further information, please contact

Applications may be sent in at any time.
Decisions are made continuously by the Selection Committee (President, Executive Director and Studio Manager).
When necessary, applications will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and a Consultative Panel of Composers commissioned by the Board of Directors.

You can choose to stay and work at VICC and we will provide you with:

Free access to one of our studios
Free stay at the Carlqvist Villa

(You have to cover living expenses and travel costs yourself.)
You can stay and work at your own expense. In that case, please contact VICC and ask for current price