Artist in Residence program at Badlands National Park

Artists have long had an impact on our perceptions of national parks. In the American West, painters and photographers documented spectacular landscapes for audiences who had never seen such sights. Dramatic photographs, paintings, and descriptive essays helped to stimulate the establishment of many national park areas and continue to foster an appreciation of them today. Artists ranging from painters to musicians to poets continue to interpret the living landscape through motion and emotion using contemporary approaches and techniques. Our program’s goal is to provide an avenue for artists to translate preservation of this place into images that evoke responses in those who may never visit Badlands National Park.

Let the Artists Come . . .
Artist In Residence Program

The Artist in Residence program at Badlands National Park was founded in 1996 and
is open to all professional artists. Writers, composers and all visual and performing
artists are invited to interpret this wind-swept environment through their work. The
program provides time for artists to get away from everyday responsibilities to focus
on their surroundings and their medium.

The park offers an apartment located in small housing complex at park headquarters
at no cost to the artist. The residency lasts for a minimum of four weeks and a
maximum of six weeks. Additionally, the park provides a reimbursement for expenses
not to exceed $300. Reimbursible expenses include supplies for school programs,
travel, or meals. All expenses incurred above $300 are the responsibility of the artist.
Several artists have been successful in seeking donations of supplies and materials
from businesses or museums in their home communities prior to coming to Badlands
for their residency, using the reimbursement as matching funds.

Residencies are available only between March 15 and May 15 or September 15 through
November 15 of each year, due to lack of housing availability during the summer

The park provides one day of orientation to the park and will make a government
vehicle available to artists to travel to school programs. All other transportation is the
responsibility of the artist. The park provides bicycles for artists’ use. All artists in
residence are enrolled in the park’s Volunteers In the Parks program and are covered
under Worker’s Compensation for any injuries incurred under the scope of their

Benefits to the Artist Badlands National Park acknowledges Ted Hustead,
founder of Wall Drug Store, who personnally funded the first residency as a challenge
grant, seeding a continuing legacy through Badlands Natural History Association, the
park’s non-profit education partner.

Badlands National Park
South Dakota

Each artist is asked to contribute to the park a mutually agreed upon piece of original work representative of their stay in Badlands National Park within one year of completion of their residency.

Because of Badlands’ strong commitment to education and outreach into our rural school districts, all artists are required to present two sessions in a local school to introduce students to an aspect of art and its interpretation of their Badlands home.

Deadline for Fall Residency
(Available between September 15 and November 15):
June 15

Deadline for Spring Residency
(Available between March 15 and May 15):
December 15

Applications must be postmarked by the deadline. If the deadline falls on a Sunday or
federal holiday, the deadline is extended to the next business day.

All applicants must submit:
1. A resume and summary of creative works.
2. A statement of what they hope to gain from a residency at Badlands National Park and what they hope to incorporate into their classroom presentations.
3. Up to three choices of beginning and ending dates for their residency. Residencies are a minimum of four weeks, a maximum of six weeks, and must fall within the availability dates.

Visual artists:
Submit at least six 35 mm slides in standard mounts or at least six digital
images at 300 dpi, .jpg or .tif format on labelled CD ROM. Include a list of images with title, medium, and image size (height and width). If submitting slides, mark with your name and a number corresponding to your list. Indicate the top of each slide with the letter “T.” Images should show only the actual work - backgrounds, mats, or frames should not be included.

Submit no more than ten double-spaced, typewritten pages of manuscript or
electronic file in either Microsoft Word or a .PDF format.

Performing Artists:
Submit audio and videotapes must be indexed to identify five-minute
segment for jury review. If submitting .MP3 files, include audio or videotape as back up in case there are compatibility issues.

Application packets must be mailed to:
Artist in Residence Program; Badlands National
Park; 25216 Ben Reifel Road; Interior, South
Dakota 57750

A panel will be convened in January and July each year to review submissions and select
resident artists. Selections will be based on artistic integrity, ability to reside in a remote,
rural area, willingness to donate a finished piece of work inspired during the stay, and the artist’s ability to relate to school age children through their work. Fall artists will be notified by August 1. Spring artists will be notified by February 1.Slides will be returned to applicants.

Printed materials and digital media will be destroyed after selections are made unless
otherwise requested by the applicant.

We consider all forms of arts except those that manipulate or disturb the park’s
environment or are disrespectful to any race or gender. Selections are made without regard to race, religion, marital status, sex, age, or national origin. The facilities for this program are not wheelchair accessible.

Housing will be either an efficiency apartment or a one bedroom apartment (depending on availability) that is fully furnished with heat and air conditioning. Basic cooking equipment is also provided, as well as access to the park library. Artists need to bring bedding, personal gear, food, and art supplies. Because of our weather extremes, artists should be prepared for blizzards, heat above 100 degrees Farenheit, high winds, and varied terrain when hiking or biking. Artists are required to sign an agreement that permits the National Park Service to share copyright privileges on the donated piece. All submissions and agreements are maintained as part of the park’s museum collections.