Chinese European Art Center - Residency

The Chinese European Art Center has hosted and premiered international artists from all over the world.

With studios, exhibitions, contemporary film festivals, concerts, lectures, workshops and an artists-in-residence program, the CEAC plays a central role in southeast China's cultural landscape.

The CEAC is widely known for its pioneering role in China as a non-commercial art space and the excellent guidance it provides for artists conducting research and producing their art at work sites and factories in China.

Why is Xiamen interesting to composers?

Composers can come to the CEAC to reflect upon what they are doing, develop new ideas, and acquaint the Chinese audience with their work or the work of others. The Board of Directors of the CEAC helps introduce them to the Music College of Xiamen University and the Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra Group.

The CEAC stimulates a cultural and intellectual exchange between residents, local composers and musicians at the Music College of Xiamen University. Residents can be invited to give lectures or presentations about their work and guest seminars and workshops for students.

It is simple and inexpensive to arrange trips to other cities in China.
CEAC offers travel advice and assistance (reserving tickets, hotels, getting visas)

At the conclusion of their residence, composers are invited to present their research project at the Art Center. The CEAC can also help mediate presentation spots in other cities in China and, for those who like to travel, CEAC offers travel advice and assistance (reserving tickets, hotels, getting visas).

Based in the Netherlands, the European branch of the CEAC regularly presents the research results of CEAC residents at various locations to an interested audience. In addition, the European branch of the CEAC strives to promote an exchange of knowledge and collaboration with fellow specialists and artists in other disciplines by organizing lectures, debates, films and video showings.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Duration: variable

Paid by host: Studio space, living and working accommodation, advice and assistance.

Paid by resident: 8500 rmb per month

Extra costs of making a presentation at the conclusion of the residence depend on individual wishes, but are normally inexpensive.

Accommodation information: the apartments/studios (for two persons or a family) are furnished and fully equipped for living and working, including air co, washing machine, telephone, internet, TV and DVD player.

For more information about registration and financing options: