AIR LE PARC is based in an old and beautiful 19th century notairy's house, which dates back to 1596, set in a walled parc, in Pampelonne, originally a 13th century stronghold.
Open since 2006.

Artist-in-residence, project and research centre for professional artists of all discipline, painting, 3 dimensional, design, music, writing, theatre, dance, multimedia, etc.
Also available for sessions, seminars, courses, training, recordings and concerts.
Many spacious areas: rooms, multipurpose rooms, workshop/studios and project rooms.

ROB ANNEMA and ELS ZOON, directors of AIR le PARC

We stand for professionalism
pleasant ambiance
informal atmosphere
focussed work on a quiet beautiful site

We have affinity with:
passion, authenticity, developing processes, experiment, research, interaction between different artistic fields.

We give every possible support for a successful stay:
artistic, technical, logistic, diplomatic, social, and gastronomic: screening, preparation of space; accompanying of projects, feed back sessions and technical assistance on request; expertise, intake, placement, acceptance letters and certification; daily breakfast, options for dinner.

English, French, German and Dutch spoken.

Selection based on quality and suitability of the project; to what extent it matches the potential and aims of the residence, in order to make it successful.

Application all year round.
Please send it by email (see the link below), with a selection of attached samples in jpg format or link to website.

Application for professional artists: C.V., name, f/m, date and place of birth, address, phone
education, activities; name, place, dates, function
documentation of recent work
project proposal, focus, themes, and process, with examples that illustrate the directions you wish to explore
period and duration, 2 options
needed facilities

Application for sessions, concerts, seminars, courses, training etc.: details about the organisation
project proposal and desired period
needed equipment
needed facilities

For further information, feel free to contact us! It'll be a pleasure for us to see, how we can attune your desires to our possibilities.

Rob Annema and Els Zoon
14 allée des Marronniers
81190 Pampelonne

Tel: +33-563-764409

Email: Rob or Els