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camac aims to support artists in their creative explorations, investigations and professional growth by providing an environment that encourages communication and exchange of ideas.

Residencies are open to visual artists, writers, composers from all countries and all disciplines (installation artists, writers, architects, new technologies, designers, painters, sculptors, video, multimedia, musicians, dancers, etc.).

Every year camac welcomes 50 artists from all over the world. camac works in collaboration with the artists to find funding to cover the cost of the residency.
camac and the Fondation Ténot gives each year a residency bursary for 2 month to one visual artist and one writer in order to create new career prospects for artists.
The \\\'artist in residence\\\' programme aims to bring together artists in mid or advanced career stages from all countries and all disciplines (writing, painting, sculpture, architecture, design, multimedia and video art, new technologies, installation art, music, danse, etc.) for a concentrated period of one or 2 months.
this programme aims to support residents in their creative explorations, investigations and professional growth within an environment of communication and exchange.
The selection of the artists is done by our artistic comittee. Its decision is motivated by the quality of the project, its adequacy to camac\\\'s philosophy and environment, as well as by the applicant\\\'s past achievement. The residency programme is open all year long.

cost of the residency

You will have to find fundings to cover some residency cost. camac engages itself to help you in any possible way in your research for funding. Once on site, your only spending will be for your own entertainment and personal requirements.


You are lodged in one of the seven recently renovated studios or accommodation. Technical equipement available: computers room with mac, video camera and editing equipment, access to internet. Some material for sculpture. Requests for all necessary equipment envisioned must be made clear at time of application. There is a small art reference library, conference rooms and an exhibition space, as well as other possible spaces in the village for public presentation.
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Brief description of residency program

Camac is located 60min away from Paris in the village of Marnay sur Seine within the scenic Region of Champagne-Ardenne. This multi-disciplinary creative centre offers a unique environment for artists. Camac aims at fostering communication and creativity among individuals and groups working on the evolution of ideas or realization of works.

camac is a creative centre offering international residency programmes for visual artists, writers, composers.
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