Buitenwerkplaats - residency

General information
Brief description of residency program

Mission statement of Buitenwerkplaats
The objective of Buitenwerkplaats, a non-profit foundation, is to stimulate the creative working processes of individuals by offering them an inspiring space to work in rural and lush surroundings. We are convinced that this state of concentration and focus on work will subsequently be inspiring to others and stimulate interaction amongst the different individuals and disciplines.

The means of the Buitenwerkplaats
To achieve this goal, the Buitenwerkplaats is by renting facilities at Starnmeerdijk 6 in a typical Dutch landscape, consisting of different elements:
First of all a large rebuild farmhouse (of a typical Dutch type called stolpboerderij) with
• A reading/study-room, consisting of individual tables for work in concentration, overlooking the polder-landscape.
• Two separate rooms of 25 and 30 m2 with different atmosphere for teams.
• Two guestrooms and a suite for participants to stay the night.
• One in-residence-room for combining work and living up to 6 months
This farmhouse is situated on a parcel of open farmland (6.700 m2) with
• Wood and steel-workshop in the former carriagebuilding.
• A orchyard (containing various breeds cheries, apple, pear and plumtrees).
• A vegetable garden. (organic of course)
In the future we hope to add a group-accommodation, a greenhouse and ateliers to these facilities.

The Buitenwerkplaats will eventually develop special activities, workshops and events for the participants to meet and greet, do something completely different, or to specifically stimulate the (multi-disciplinarily) interaction.

At this moment there is no funding available for activities or persons. Once it is more clear how the facilities will be used and by whom, the Buitenwerkplaats will try to find funding for its activities.

Artists in residence
As stated above, the artist-in-residence facilities that are offered are embedded in a range of different facilities, spaces and people. The individual artist, musician, writer or researcher that lives at the Buitenwerplaats for a number of months will meet many different local working people. Some participants might be coming on a regular basis; others will only spend the day. Their background and education might be very diverse, they have one thing in common: all of them left their daily routines and facilities just like the artist-in-residence in search for focus and inspiration.

How to apply?
An application needs to consist out of three elements:
1. A projectplan: the period you would like to come and a description of your intentions.
2. An introduction of yourself, consisting of a short resume and possibly an impression of your work relevant to the project you would like te do at Buitenwerkplaats (max 10 images).
3. A recommendation or statement by the institute or the individual who is paying for the in-residency, for the Buitenwerkplaats does not receive any subsidies and does not provide grants for materials or costs of living.
Please sent the application to info@buitenwerkplaats.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you want to mail, skype, meet or see the place before applying, please let us know!

Language criteria
Artists, musicians, writers and researchers in residence can come from Holland as well as from abroad. The Buitenwerkplaats is inviting people from all cultures and countries. In order to establish the desired inspiring atmosphere and mix of people however, it is necessary to have basic knowledge of English and at least speak either one of those languages fluently: Dutch, English, German or French.

Dead-lines and selection
Applications can be sent year-round, there are no deadlines. At this moment, one of the most important criteria is the match between the needs of the artist, musician, writer, researcher and the availability of space. Once it is clear what is crucial for the project, the resident and when, we can make a concrete offer of spaces plus price. As an indication: the work-space-living-room we indicated as in-residence space is offered at 600 euro a month. When you need less, more or different space, this price can be slightly lower or higher.
For example, a composer using the piano for example will need a separate room at all times, not to disturb the other participants, and not be disturbed by them. Someone making a sound-installation in one of the workshops, or working with the garden-materials will only need a bedroom in the farmhouse. When several artists apply for the same facilities, the Buitenwerkplaats will make a selection on basis of the mix and possibly diversity of people. Eventually, we will start a panel consisting of local participants, regular clients and visitors of the Buitenwerkplaats to help in selecting the most suitable artist-in-residence.

Since the Buitenwerkplaats has no funding for the in-residency-program, we offer the possibility for a cultural or research-institute to recommend participants. In this case the institute can contact us at info@buitenwerkplaats.nl about availability of space and will follow their own selection-procedure.

Dagobert Bergmans and Maud Aarts are the organisation behind the Buitenwerkplaats. We have initiated it and are the architects of the renovations and alterations done to the facilities. Living in Amsterdam, we commute to Buitenwerkplaats to volunteer as your host during weekdays and we live there with our family in the weekends and holidays. To run the facilities we are assisted on different levels. For the long-term policy we are putting together a team of advisors with a background in the area of culture, science and entrepreneurship. Local people assist us for daily hospitality.

Spaces and basics
Since we are multi-disciplinary, we do not have any specific facilities. We have spaces and basics. In the document frequently asked questions, you can find all about groceries, pets, environment, recreational facilities in the area etc. For the artist-in-residence the spaces-and-basics-principle means that they can help to develop their own residency. There is no given format, no obligatory exposition, lecture or product at any given moment. We do however offer the artist to help think about how to realize their project during the residency and getting them in contact with other artists or institutions.

Please visit our website for more information or get is touch by mailing to info@buitenwerkplaats.nl. We will try to answer your question as soon as possible!