Artist in Residence

Nieuweweg 31, Renkum


General information and guidelines
WHAT’S in the NAME?

OBRAS is a Portuguese word for “work in progress”.

Foundation OBRAS has two locations: the principal seat is in Evoramonte, Portugal and an auxiliary establishment is in Renkum, Holland. The two locations have similar goals: providing space, service, peace and hospitality necessary for effective creative work in art and science. Artists, composers, writers and scientists with professional standing are eligible for residence.

There are differences between OBRAS-Portugal and OBRAS-Holland: while OBRAS-Portugal is a kind of art colony where up to 10 artists can be accommodated, OBRAS-Holland can host only one person, or two artists working on the same project, or an artist couple. OBRAS-Portugal is situated in nature, while OBRAS-Holland is in a village. In Portugal the communication with your host can be on a daily basis and cultural events can be organized, while in Holland you live and work largely on your own. Another difference is of course the climate. Holland has an oceanic climate with mild summer, moderately cold winter and rain (800 mm) evenly distributed over the year. In Portugal, the summer is hot and the winter mild, while rain (600 mm) is largely concentrated in April and November.

In the first days of your residency at OBRAS-Holland you will be informed about details of the house and surroundings and mutual expectations will be exchanged.

We may propose you to give an ´artist talk´ in an informal atmosphere during your residency.


You live in a stylish mansion, surrounded by a garden. You use the ground floor and part of the first floor. Available are a enclosed veranda / sitting room, a spacious kitchen / living room, a sleeping room (3,5 x 3,5 m) with two beds, a bathroom and toilet. There is an extra bedroom on the first floor in case there are two artists working on the same project.

The working studio is 5 x 9m and 3.60m high and can be divided into two halves. One half can be used as office. A desk, office chair and basic equipment are available. The other half can be used for painting and art work. One wall is especially useful to fix large size works on.

The studio has two high windows, but dependent of personal wishes additional artificial light may be needed. Furniture will beajusted according to your application. The floor has a wall-to-wall wool carpet that will be covered with a water resistant hard-board sheet in case the type of work demands this. A wooden working table of 1,20 x 1,90 cm on trestles, two spotlights and some basic equipment are available. Ask for a sketch of the studio dimensions.

Kitchen equipment (oven, microwave, gas stovetop, dish washer and so on) are available for preparing your own meals. Food stores and restaurants are within 10 minutes walking.

The tap water is of high quality and has a good taste.

Sheets, towels and blankets are available. You can use the laundry machine.

The house is surrounded by a garden with some terraces. At all times of the day and year there are some sunny and some shady outdoor spots. We may suggest that you take on some maintenance work in the garden.

We assume you to clean the house yourself. Some cleaning supplies are provided. At the end of your stay, we expect that you will clean the house thoroughly in anticipation of the next guest. Alternatively, you can pay us (42,50 €) to do the final cleaning.

Occasionally you may be invited for a dinner with neighbours or to participate in a shared diner (where everybody brings something to eat and to drink).

The house is a non-smoking building and pets are generally not allowed.
Two bicycles of reasonable quality are available. We assume you to pay for repairs in case of a flat tire, loss of keys or wear and tear. The bicycles have appropriate locks. Always lock them when you park them. We will request a contribution to the replacement costs if your bicycle is stolen.
We assume you to leave the house at departure in the same condition as you found it at arrival. If you break something, replace it if possible, or inform Josien Jongejan.
Lock the house and close the windows every time you leave the house.

Internet Access

The house has an ADSL connection and a router for wireless working. If you have your own laptop or wireless device, you can work on the internet. At arrival we will give you the password. Using the internet is free for normal use.

We request you to use your cell phone or to use Skype or a similar program on your computer. Check in your country which provider you need in the Netherlands. Alternatively, consider buying a mobile phone or a Dutch sim card. The house has no landline (contact us in case this is essential to you). Public telephones are available in the village.
Residents must have international medical insurance and a third party insurance. The Centre does not accept legal responsibility for residents.

At the beginning of your residency we request you to give us two telephone numbers of people we can contact in case of emergency. We also need a copy of your passport.

Important phone numbers and emergency info will be given and explained to you at arrival. Residents must be aware that medical facilities are on a distance of 5 km (doctor) and 10 km (General Hospital in Ede, including First Aid) form the residency. If you need medical assistance we will assist in organising this. For a visit to a medical centre you have to bring your passport and insurance card. You can pay with a credit card or cash.
Artists materials

Most professional artist materials you can buy in Arnhem at Van Ginkel Art Materials (www.petervanginkel.nl). If you want to be sure about quality and brand, bring materials with you or send them in advance by post.

General assistance, advice and support

We work to ensure that you have guidance and support when needed, but first of all OBRAS-Holland is largely a help-your-self place.

Two members of the board of OBRAS who live in Portugal have a Pied a Terre in two rooms on the second floor of the house. They may stay for some days to welcome you, introduce you to the cultural life, inform you about art activities in the region and tell you the details of the heating system, laundry machine, garbage, use of bicycles and so on. After their departure they keep in contact as far as useful via phone and email.

In their absence you have a local host who is available for information, advice and support: Josien Jongejan. She lives 200m from the house: Veldheimweg 30, 6871 CD Renkum. Tel: 0031 317 319 226, mobile: 0031 653 373 801. Email: josien.jongejan@planet.nl.

Jos Wilbrink is on the board of OBRAS and lives in Holland. He is directing several art organisations and is available for information and advices concerning contacts with the Dutch artists’ community. Telephone and email: 003113-5439227, joswilbrink@hetnet.nl. Feel free to contact him directly (or via Josien).

From Schiphol airport, you can reach OBRAS-Holland by train. Buy a train ticket to Ede-Wageningen at Schiphol. Twice per hour (+.29 and +.59) is a direct connection to Ede-Wageningen. As soon as you know your departure time from Schiphol, call or SMS Josien: 0031 653 373 801 or us 0031 653 373 801, and one of us will be waiting for you at the train station of Ede-Wageningen.

Rates and reservation for 2013
105 € per week for 1 person, 175 € per week for a couple. These rates apply to professional artists and scientists staying for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of 3 months.The rent must be paid on the day of arrival. Ask the board for conditions for other durations and for inviting relatives for more than two days.
Deposit: 120 €. After your deposit is received, your reservation is complete. Your deposit will be subtracted from the first monthly rent. If you need to cancel your reservation and your cancellation is more than 4 months in advance we will refund your deposit.
For water (1,30 € per m3 ), gas (0.61 € per m3) and electricity (0.23 € per Kwh) you will pay on the basis of your use, to be checked on the meters in the house (in case of more than one resident the bill will be equally divided over the residents). Halfway through your stay you will get an interim bill for the utilities.
Cleaning the house at departure you do yourself or you can let us do this. In the later case we charge 42,50 €.
Conribution to service costs (including the use of internet and cable TV): 55 € per month.

You will get an official invoice for all payments.

An international bank transfer can be used to pay the deposit (you can do it also by internet banking). IBAN: NL23INGB0009353219. Stichting OBRAS, Nieuweweg 31, 6871 CA Renkum, The Netherlands. BIC (= Swift Code): INGBNL2A. Address: ING N.V., Postbus 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam The Netherlands.

We look forward meeting and hosting you,

The daily board of OBRAS: Ludger van der Eerden and Carolien van der Laan

Your local host: Josien Jongejan


Annex 1

Direct surroundings and further away.

OBRAS-Holland is located in a village named Renkum. It has 7000 inhabitants. In its direct surroundings are large forested areas. Also the River Rhine with its extensive forelands is a beautiful landscape and is interesting because of its wildlife. The geographical co-ordinates are: 51o 58` 24.03 N and 5o 43`21.73 W.

One has to be aware that Renkum is part of a rather densely populated area, with some industry, lots of urban facilities and a dense infrastructure. Renkum has direct connections by bus to Wageningen (35.000 inhabitants; a lively university town, 5 km), Ede (100.000 inhabitants, 12 km) and Arnhem (200.000 inhabitants, 18 km).

Within 10 minutes walking distance you will find shops, supermarkets, restaurants, library and so on.

Also within walking distance is a lovely forest (2 mins), the river Rhine with extensive forelands (10 mins), an impressive arboretum (20 minutes), heath land (30 minutes) and medieval castles (1 hour). For experienced cyclists an option is to visit the famous Kröller Müller museum in the heart of a national nature reserve De Hoge Veluwe (30 km).

At the end of the street is a bus stop with lines going to Wageningen (10 mins), Ede (30 mins) and Arnhem (30 mins). From the Arnhem station express trains go to Amsterdam (1 hr), Rotterdam (1.5 hour), Den Haag (1.5 hour) Utrecht (30 mins), Nijmegen (15 mins) and Germany. Koln is 1,5 hours from Arnhem.