Sotto Voce - A Chamber Duo's Open Call for New Scores

Sotto Voce is having an open call for new scores. We are a modern duo that has not abandoned traditional values. Classical saxophone is a genre of music that is energetic, dynamic and most of all, recent. Pioneers such as Mayeur, Soualle' and Wuille laid a strong foundation, which many since then have inherited in exploring the saxophone's abilities, voice and expansion in the classical genre. We, guided by the light of our saxophone professor's, have stepped on this path and need you to overcome the challenge.
Sotto Voce is looking for modern music compositions that compliment the saxophone in a unique and personal way. By modern we hope to imply but not limit the work to the exploration of: extended saxophone technique, a chamber duo, and form/function/accessibility. The overall gesture of the work we hope is of a very serious nature. We welcome the idea of multi movement work; especially in the realm of one movement being a saxophone duet and another for piano and saxophone or any other variation of a chamber duo. Our responsibility to the work will be to perform, study and disseminate it at such a level and with such great energy that it will help to expand what many students call "standard repertoire" of this instrument. In this way, other saxophone explorers will regularly program, study and expand the work as well.
In closing thank you again for your time and your consideration in our project. Sotto Voce is looking forward to the challenge music always had in past, and will have in present.

Please email with inquiries, pdf scores and recordings (mp3's are okay!), or any questions.
Extra information, specific to instrumentation click here! -> Call for Scores
Music is love,
Charles M. Murrell III
Sotto Voce Member- Music Director

Seychelle Dunn
Sotto Voce Member- Artistic Director