a listening room presents Ancient Sound

A listening room is a place where we listen and talk about what we hear.

There is a spatial awareness in listening to sounds, a what is it exactly that we hear? What happens to the body as we listen? What happens to the mind as we hear? Our proposal is the investigation of the thing that connects us in air. It is everywhere, yet so rarely we can listen to extended periods. It is in these extended periods of listening that one can discover microsounds. The large ones all come on top.

Our first listening theme is "Ancient Sound", of course we have no recordings of ancient sounds. But we can imagine, what did the Homo Antecessor sound like, for example? What did they hear? What they listen to?

If you wish to submit sounds or music please email us clearly stating as your subject ANCIENT SOUND SUBMISSION to alisteningroom (at) gmail.com, this can be either a link, or if you wish to submit something which is not online please wetransfer it to the same address, again clearly stating the subject. If you wish to write something about your submission please feel free to so do. Everyone is welcome to submit and to join in the listening and talking, you can find our address on our facebook page which is detailed below. It is also possible to send us hardcopies of works in any format, please contact us for more.

The call is open to everyone, and we attempt to listen to everything that is sent to us as time permits. Sessions last a day, and everyone is free to come and go as they please. More details will emerge once the date is set.


Fresh Chinese tee will be served during every session.

To be clear this project will last into the indefinite future, during each listening session there will be a curatorial theme, which we wish to inspire the persons submitting. There will be specific dates, the day before the listening session until when we accept submission on a theme. The date of the first listening room session is still open, but it is in the near future.