Composing opportunities

We are looking for composers of original music to provide sheet music for our online catalogue.

We are a web based publishing company (sending out pieces as PDF files via email) based in the UK, that provides sheet music of beginner to intermediate standard for Brass and Wind instruments.

Our catalogue currently consists of pieces for -
Flexible part pieces for beginner/intermediate Brass bands and Wind bands.
Brass band.
Wind band.
Bb brass duets
Bb brass quartets
Brass quintets
Bb brass solo pieces
Whole class tuition pieces (Wider opportunities) for Bb Brass, Clarinets & Flutes.

Our website is undergoing a facelift and we are hoping to provide music for many more types of ensembles and instruments!

We are looking for original pieces or arrangements of pieces that are in the public domain WORLDWIDE, for any type of instrumentation in different genres.

If your pieces are successful and selected for our website, you will receive 50% of the price that the piece sells for.

Please contact us at if you would like any information or you have any questions.