Call for Scores: Young Concert Band (6th-8th Grade)

The Lindbergh Middle School band program is calling for scores for young concert band (Difficulty level 1.5-2). This open call for scores is meant to serve three main purposes:

1. Expose students to new music that is both creative and pedagoically sound (teaching musicianship skills through repertoire).

2. Expand the repertoire that exists for a "flexible" instrumentation that is common in smaller middle school concert bands

3. Expand the Lindbergh Band library with quality literature in spite of budgetary constraints.


Lindbergh Middle School is a 5-8 building which serves over 300 students from a variety of diverse backgrounds. Lindbergh has a reputation of being one of the best middle schools in the Peoria public school district, both academically and in the fine arts. The band program has about 60 total students enrolled in grades 5-8. During the school year the band students are very busy performing both in the local community and throughout the state of Illinois.


The instrumentation should follow the "flex" arrangements that are common from today's main publishers of concert band repertoire (Ex. Hal Leonard) in order to accommodate a small or unbalanced instrumentation. Only original compositions will be accepted. No arrangements or transcriptions. Percussion instruments that are available are : Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, and small accessories (claves, tambourine, sleigh bells, etc.) If you have any questions please contact for clarification.

LENGTH: 2.5-4 minutes

DIFFICULTY Grade 1.5-2


All submissions must be sent via email to as a PDF (score and parts). A recording must accompany the submission. A live performance is preferred but MIDI is acceptable. If your piece is programmed you will be notified via email. There is no deadline for submission. There is no entry fee.