Composers available to score films (free of charge)

Milica Paranosic
Gallery MC, 549 West 52nd Street, 8th Floor NYC NY 10019
phone: +1-212-203-‐6163

Film Scoring, Fall 2014 Submission guidelines:

A new, innovative music school, conceived and led by New York based composer and educator Milica Paranosic (who teaches composition and scoring to picture at Juilliard) has formed a workshop to offer music scores, free of charge, for student film-makers. New York Film Academy, School for the Visual Arts, NYU and FIT are currently contributing films to be scored. Most of the students in the workshop are former Juilliard Evening Division composition students.
If you have interest in a workshop student writing music for you, please submit your:

1. Contact information (name, email, phone number)
2. Synopsis

3. Cue sheet

4. Music suggestions – description
5. Frame rate information
6. Movie with dialogue in the QT format on a DATA DVD
7. Movie with reference music (if available)
Please send the above material to:
Milica Paranosic
281 West 119th Street #5A
New York NY 10026
Alternatively, You may send items 1 – 5 via email (as a PDF attachment) and share the Vimeo link, along with the password, where your film can be downloaded.
We are looking forward to working with you.
Thank you.
Milica Paranosic

Please understand that there is no guarantee that each movie will be selected, nor that each collaboration will result in a product that is satisfactory for both sides, although I will do everything on my part to assist my students in creating a good score.
In an event that the collaboration is successful, the composer and the director will create a mutual agreement defining the rights of the showing and sharing the video/music. Before and without a written and signed agreement, the director may NOT publicly share or post any of the music created for it.
Similarly, without a written and signed agreement, the composer may NOT publicly share or post any of the movies of excerpts for which they composed music without a written and signed agreement.