Saxophone Writing Opportunity

As a new and upcoming saxophonist I am totally interested in new and current music. I actually have a few ensembles you could write for if you so choose.

Saxophone Quartet - (SATB or AATB preferably, but any of the four common saxophones are accepted)
This is a high school group, willing to play some pretty contemporary pieces. I wouldn't make extremely fast or confusing. A fifth instrument of any kind can be manageable.

Saxophone Duet -
Two high schoolers who are pretty much open to play anything. Both play college level pieces for solos, can play some altissimo, and multiphonics. One person can circular breathe, if need be; the other can slap tounge.

Saxophone solo -
I personally play all four of the common saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor, bari) and play college freshmen, sophomore pieces. I would love for more pieces on tenor/Bari saxophone, but all take pieces written for anything. If you wish to write saxophone with piano or another instrument you may go right ahead.

If you have questions or want to submit a piece, email me at
All composers can send something, regardless of age, ethnicity, etc.