Sydney Contemporary Orchestra (SCO) - Call for works

The Sydney Contemporary Orchestra (SCO) is dedicated to exploring and promoting new music of contemporary composers.

Based in Sydney Australia and comprised of about 100 of finest orchestral musicians, the SCO hosts concerts for new orchestral compositions regularly providing significant incentives for composers to pursue creative endeavours in new music and to enrich the music culture of our times.

The SCO assists composers by promoting them and their works in various ways:

List composers' names on our website - All qualified submissions will be listed on our website, one of the largest websites for contemporary composers and contemporary compositions with a high visitor traffic flow to our website.

Performances in public concerts - All listed composers' works will be considered to be scheduled for performances. The selection criteria will be based on:
1. Quality of the music
2. Date of submission
3. Genre and instrumentation
Video recordings - All concerts will be video recorded and the recordings will be published, and DVDs will be distributed worldwide.

For more details please visit our new website:

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