"Experimental Music for Kids" is looking for performers/ensembles

"Experimental Music for Kids" is a project which aims to bring new music composition to kids (from 10 to 99!!!) using experimental, informal, playful and even "naive" methods, these methods provide the students (or any person interested, as long as they have some basic music knowledge) new ways of making music beyond a traditional composition class, putting also a lot of emphasis in the use of new technologies and their derived approaches.

I am producing a series of videos where a piece of new music is written from scratch, so I am looking for performers of any instrument who wish to collaborate with me, and have at least a basic setup (could be a smartphone as long as the quality doesn't suffer) to record themselves.

This is the first video if you want to take a look:


If you are interested in the project or have any question about it, you can contact me at: joaquinmendozasebastian@gmail.com



14 Mar 2017