Finale/By Hand Engraving

My name is Brianna Drevlow I am a primary Finale user who can make your scores come to life! I am very detail oriented and have a deep understanding of the software. Unless you have a graphic score, I can generally find a way to get everything from your hand-written notes into the software to give you a nice, clean and professional look. If you want a handwritten score done, I trace everything with rulers/shape providers with pencil and then go over the initial sketch with black pen. Everything is cleaned with detail before a final score is sent back. I recommend this service for anyone with a particularly challenging score that contains contemporary or avant-garde attention to detail.

I start with a base fee of $25/hour but I will charge more depending on the complexity of the score and its size. Part extraction is charged at a similar rate. I create an invoice once the project is done that documents my hours and then we go from there. I an give you a rough estimate, but it may be more or less, again, depending on various elements of the piece.

Feel free to contact me today!

Thank you!
Brianna Drevlow

31 Dec 2019
U.S. Dollar (USD)