Caritas International Young Composer Competition

You are invited to write an original composition,
taking as your subject either one of the vibrant
characters or tales brought to life in the Canterbury
Tales or The Prologue. You may use any publically
available abridged text. A sample of the texts can
be found here: html/library/literature/The%20Canterbury%20Tales.pdf
You may use the text as published or you may render it in your own prose. However, your chosen character or tale must be easily recognizable in your composition.
1 The competition is open to composers of any nationality born between 1987 and 1999.
2 The work should be scored for a minimum of four parts (SATB), and a maximum of eight parts (SSAATTBB), with or without piano.
3 It is the responsibility of the composer to ensure that the written text is out of copyright.
4 The work will have elements of melody, harmony and rhythm to reflect the characteristics of the subject of your chosen Canterbury Tale.
5 The work should ideally last between four and six minutes.

1 Mar 2017
British Pound (GBP)