Call for scores for flute

My name is Robin Meiksins, I am a contemporary flutist based in Chicago. I have started an online 365 video project, where I play a different work for flute every day for the next year (link: I am interested in incorporating as many works by living composers as possible and therefore have started an open call for scores to be included.

Send me a PDF of the piece at
Some guidelines:
1. Only one submission per person
2. Can be written for flute, piccolo or alto
3. Will only be recorded for flute, so chamber works should have a flute part that stands alone
4. New works are welcome and encouraged! (Please be willing to workshop for the best product with newly composed works)
5. The recording will only be approx. 2-4 minutes so keep that in mind when submitting longer works (composer can provide suggested cuts)
6. All works will be recorded for YouTube and a higher quality audio recording will be sent to you!

20 Jun 2017