Call for scores/paper: Art Music for All

Purpose: Accumulating content for AMFA’s first online publication.

Important Dates: Opening of the call is Nov. 1, 2016. The DEADLINE is February 1, 2017. The publication will be available April 2017.

If you have questions: Email all submissions, questions. and concerns to

Subject of papers/scores: For our first publications, we are seeking materials that generally relate to our platform and mission statement (see next page for full platform.) AMFA’s mission statement is:

Art Music for All is an organization dedicated to disseminating art music and ideas about it that promote radical notions on how music can influence politics and society.

Submitting a paper: Papers can be in two formats: 1) A scholarly study related to any part of AMFA’s mission statement or platform. 2) An essay describing first-hand accounts about how you, someone you know, or an organization you know of works to achieve anything listed on the AMFA platform. In both cases, please email an abstract of your paper. If we are interested in publishing your work, we will contact you about receiving the full paper.

Submitting a score: If you are a composer who strives to bring attention to political/social issues through your music, please email us a score (.pdf format) and recording if one is available (send in .mp3 formats. If file is too big to email, provide a link your recording via a cloud storage service such as DropBox or Google Drive.)

Compensation: AMFA believes in fair compensation for labor. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide compensation to neither our committee members nor those of you who submit to us for publication. AMFA is young and our goal is to be able to start paying everyone who labors in any kind of way on our behalf as soon as possible. Please, do not toil exclusively for this submission. We hope that what you are submitting is something you have already created and that our publication can help increase visibility for the great things musicians are doing for the world.

Art Music for All

Mission Statement:
Art Music for All (AMFA) is an organization dedicated to disseminating art music and ideas about it that promote radical notions on how music can influence politics and society.

Where We Stand:
1) We stand in solidarity with musician’s unions that fight for the fair treatment of instrumentalists, music scholars, song writers, and composers of every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, and national origin.

2) We stand in solidarity with all musicians fighting for their right to organize.

3) We stand in solidarity with all concert venues that promote artists from within the community in which it resides.

4) We stand in solidarity with composers and performers who strive to use music to reflect struggles within their community.

5) We demand that concert venues and institutions of learning promote musicians from marginalized and underrepresented demographics.

6) We demand the right of women, non-white individuals, and non-cisgender individuals to enter into any music related work without discrimination.

7) We stand in solidarity with music institutions and organizations that promote the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

8) We demand a 10:1 cap on wages within music institutions of learning and performing ensembles. (Example: if an orchestra musician’s labor compensation is $15 per hour, there should not be anyone else in the orchestra making over $150 per hour.)

We cannot support any institutions or organizations that explicitly participate in activities contrary to any aspect of the AMFA platform. We stand in solidarity with institutions and organizations who are fighting to adhere to any point of the AMFA platform.

1 Feb 2017