Call for Performing Experimental Composers - Strange Stage Show #2

Call for performance ideas to be part of an experimental showcase
for Musical and Non-Musical Ideas.

Must have an engaging live performance element (not as strict as it sounds).
Limit sets to 12 MINUTES, excludes setup/breakdown times.

There will only be SEVEN slots available so submit early!

WHERE: Muchmore's - 2 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, New York

WHEN: Friday, January 27th - 6:30 - 8:30pm (Doors Open @ 5)


The concept revolves around a personal level of experimentation.

I want to feature any live performance concept that the performer has never seen or heard attempted, isn't sure of what the outcome will be, but is hoping will be entertaining.

That last bit is important.

I think there's an important step in experimentation that often gets overlooked and that's being able to step back and ask yourself "Is it any good or would anyone want to listen to this?"

This is the show to figure that out.

This'll be a really laid back show (for everybody but me, pretty much) I want people to feel comfortable trying out something they've never done before.

Failure is not an option, but it's encouraged.

Message on the Facebook Page or Email with your performance idea and any audio/visual clips of previous performances.

13 Jan 2017