Write for Us - Composer's Toolbox

Do you live, eat, and breathe music? Do you have an interesting viewpoint on a musical topic? Do you edit and challenge what you write before calling it “finished”?

If so, I invite you to write for Composer's Toolbox. Here is what I’m looking for:

1.) One-off pieces:
-One-time thought pieces, reviews, insights, or news, with no long-term commitment (but we will keep in touch!)
2.) Regular postings/contributions:
-Weekly posts on topic(s) of interest to you
3.) News/journalism:
-Providing up-to-date happenings in today’s musical world, with a sense of how the news reported fits in with musical culture and history, on an ad hoc, but at least twice monthly, timetable (i.e. when the news of interest to you happens, but with no pre-defined schedule of posts)

No writing experience is necessary, but I do ask that you do the following to apply. I will return all emails with two calendar weeks (14 days) at the latest.

To apply, please email me at daniel.lis_music@yahoo.com with the following:

1.) Your name
2.) Your preferred role in this blog
3.) The subjects you are most interested in writing about
4.) A writing sample demonstrating your ability to coherently and cogently articulate your perspectives and assertions, in 500 or more words. Links, images, and videos, are encouraged. Please cite any external sources (including multimedia) at the end of your sample (in whatever format you choose–no style manual required)

While I can’t pay you, I will spread your name and links to your online activities, other writings, and musical activities, through this blog. You will also be provided a forum for voicing your perspective and sharing your talents, and I will gladly contribute to your online endeavors as fits.

I look forward to working with you!