Patchtax is pleased to announce a call for submissions for their 2017-18 concert season. We are offering two composers a $1000 commissioning prize and $500 travel stipend for completed works, which will be premiered in December 2017 and recorded live. Patchtax will be available during the composition process for collaboration, feedback, and workshopping. Patchtax will be in residence in the beginning of September 2017 to workshop the new compositions, and composers are invited to join us if they can.

Patchtax is dedicated to redefining the parameters of new music. The duo, comprised of saxophonist Mary Joy Patchett and violist Eve Boltax, was founded in 2013. At its core, Patchtax is a chamber music ensemble with a non-traditional instrumentation exploring unconventional performance practices. Patchtax’s repertoire includes a broad range of original arrangements of early to modern classical pieces to contemporary works including new commissions. Working within a discipline that has deeply embedded traditions, Patchtax creates unique worlds on stage, addressing the need within the classical music community to seek new ways of relating to 21st century audiences.


The vast majority of music programmed on contemporary music concerts and recognized by institutional awards is written by cisgender white men, outside of targeted events and popular music concerts. This imbalance in classical music culture is the result of a long history that has disenfranchised and limited opportunities for many artists. Patchtax recognizes the crucial need to support and represent music written by a wide-range of composers. Our mission to stimulate broader participation from those marginalized in the field is not just a matter of social ethics; proactive inclusion of diverse identities, thoughts, aesthetics and musical activities is vital to the dynamism, relevance and long-term health of the field of contemporary music.

– Eligibility: This call is open to composers of all ages and nationalities. This call is specifically for people with marginalized identities. We welcome applicants who identify as female, women, trans, gender non-conforming, people of color, and people with disabilities. We also welcome applicants whose identity lies at an intersection of the aforementioned identities.

– This call is for project proposals only, please do not send completed saxophone and viola works. Winners will be chosen based on their past work and proposed idea for the new saxophone and viola piece.

– The new work will be for saxophone (SATB) and viola. It can include multimedia elements.

– The new work will be 8-15 minutes in duration.

– Each composer must complete the online application and share 2-3 work samples (pdf). Please include a recording or midi file of the work samples. Work samples and audio files may be shared via email ( or Google Drive.

– $5 must be paid via PayPal as a contribution to administrative costs.


April 20 2017: Deadline for submissions

May 1 2017: The winners will be notified, and will be commissioned to write the new saxophone and viola work over the next three months.

August 15 2017: Deadline for completed winners’ works.

The new works will be incorporated into Patchtax’s 2017-18 performance season, with a premiere performance in December 2017.

Please be in touch with any questions:

20 Apr 2017
U.S. Dollar (USD)