Guitar Workshop for Composers (Brazil)

The Guitar Workshop for Composers – part of the 9th Academic Guitar Symposium EMBAP/UNESPAR (Brazil) – will be lead by composer Felipe de Almeida Ribeiro and guitar performer Eric Moreira, both members of the Ensemble Mobile (Brazil). The workshop features the examination of several issues on composition and interpretation, with a special emphasis on musical notation and extended techniques for classical guitar within the perspective of 20th and 21st centuries composers. Selected composers will have the opportunity to take lessons with both instructors (in English or Portuguese), and at the end of the workshop all compositions will be performer and recorded (audio and video) for the Symposium’s Proceedings.


July 15: Deadline for application (active and passive participants).
August 15: Selected participants notification.
August 15-20: Period to confirm attendance.
October 01: Deadline to send score (selected composers).
November 01-04 Begin of the IX Academic Guitar Symposium.

15 Jul 2017