Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble Call for Submissions

Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble
Call for Submissions - October 2017

The Black Sheep Contemporary Ensemble is holding a call for submissions for our October 2017 concert. We are offering a $50 stipend for any works chosen, which will be performed and record live.

Black Sheep focuses on performing and creating new music. Founded in 2014, the ensemble has commissioned new works and taken part in interdisciplinary collaborations with dancers and visual artists. To help balance the commission-focused new music scene, the ensemble is always looking to perform works that have already been written and premiered by living composers.

This call for submissions is open to composers of any race, ethnicity, gender, age or location.
The instrumentation for this call is:
1. Clarinet or Bass Clarinet (no low C)
2. Bass Clarinet (with low C) or Baritone Saxophone **(see below for doublings)
3. French Horn
4. Viola
5. Percussion *(see below for details)
6. Female Voice (Range of Middle C to F6)

*Percussion Requirements/Availability:
General Percussion:
No Timpani, no concert bass drum, no tam-tam. All other common orchestral instruments are available.
Drum set and Latin percussion are also available.
Mallet Percussion:

Vibraphone only (no Marimba, Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Chimes)

Preparations are allowed.
The vibraphone bars can also be individually detuned by as much as a quarter tone.
This is done by applying a dense putty, and results in a slight dampening of the bar.
NB: If many notes are detuned, the instrument will take several minutes to prepare.

Other instruments available:
Melodica (32 keys)
Toy Piano (25 keys)
Found objects such as flower pots, soup cans, bottles, etc.
Sound effect instruments such as thunder tube, ratchet, etc.
Toy instruments such as kazoo, clackers, etc.
General Requirements:
Pieces may not use both vibraphone and drum set.
If your piece/proposal uses either the vibraphone or drum set, please limit how many other additional instruments you use.

Additional questions can be sent to (

**Woodwind Doubling Options
Any combination of the above will be considered, from solo to full sextet. Please note that each number indicates a different performer. Either woodwind player can double on the instruments within their category, but not others (example: Player 1 can play both Bb and Bass Clarinet, but not Baritone Saxophone).

We are accepting submissions of:
- New works.
- Proposals for new works to be written for the ensemble.
- Prompts for guided improvisation. This may include written prompts, graphic scores,
or anything else that you
can think of!

There is no time limit on the duration of works accepted.

Materials for Submission:

The required information form can be found here:

The requirements for each type of submission are as follows and can be emailed to (, or through Google Drive. Please note in your email which category your submission falls under:

- Works which have not been performed require a PDF score to be emailed. A MIDI
recording is optional.

- Written proposals for new works require one or two paragraphs describing the work
to be composed along with two or three work samples. For these samples, please
email PDF scores along with recordings as MP3's or links to online recordings.

- Works which have already been premiered require a PDF score and an MP3
recording or link to an online recording.

- Prompts for guided improvisation can be sent as text or a Word document. For
graphic scores, please only send completed works, not proposals. If these works
have been previously performed, please submit an MP3 or link to a recording if one

Each submission must by accompanied by our written information form.

The cost for submission varies by type, payable via PayPal. This fee covers adjudication costs:
- Completed scores, either already performed or new, $5
- Proposals and Improvisation Guidelines $15

June 25th - Deadline for Submissions
July 8th - Chosen Works are Announced
August 1st - Deadline for Completed Works (For Proposal Submissions Only)
October 2017 - Concert

All submissions may also be considered for other concerts, performances, and recording opportunities. Selected works may be performed multiple times on later concerts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: (

25 Jun 2017
U.S. Dollar (USD)