"She Lives", Italian leading Musical Association for promoting contemporary music, is glad to announce the Fifth Edition of its Masterclass in Composition.

Students will have the opportunity to write a piece for the ensemble in residence made of the first chairs of the Hungarian Radio Orchestra, Budapest Opera House and Concerto Armonico.

General Info
Period: 11-14 September 2017
Place: Zeneház (House of Music) seat of Concerto Budapest Orchestra.
Address: Páva utca 10, 1094 – Budapest
Ensemble in Residence: 2 violins, cello, clarinet and piano (first chairs of Hungarian National Radio Orchestra, Budapest Opera House and Concerto Armonico)
Final Concert: 14 September 2017 – House of Music. Budapest

Professors: Sidney Corbett, Alessio Elia


Alessio Elia
– Implicate/explicate order in the development of musical form. Holographic theory in music
– Aural analysis. How to build a music piece in relation to the acoustical perception

Sidney Corbett
– Scherzo, presto, ostinato: on writing fast music
– Das Große Heft: opera by Corbett based on the Agota Kristof’s novel with the same title

Active students are entitled to attend the courses, and invited to discuss their own works with professors during individual meetings. They can also take part to the final concert with a piece written for the ensemble in residence.

Passive participants are entitled to attend the courses and the discussions of active students about their works, but they cannot discuss their own works with professors.
Passive participants are invited to attend the rehearsals and the final concert of active students, but they cannot propose their own works for the performance.

The course is held in English.
Individual meetings can be done in the following languages:
Sidney Corbett: English, German, Spanish
Alessio Elia: English, Italian, German, Hungarian

The course provides the performance of the students pieces during the final concert (Thursday, 14 September – h. 19:30).
Composers are invited to write a piece for the ensemble in residence (with conductor):

2 Violins, Cello, Clarinet and Piano.

The piece can be written for any combination of the instruments present in the ensemble, from solo instrument to the whole group and must not be longer than 7 minutes.
Scores and parts, preferably written with a music notation software (Finale, Sibelius, etc.), must be sent as a pdf file no later than 7 August 2017, to the following e-mail address:


Vilmos Oláh, violin (Concertmaster of Hungarian National Radio Orchestra)

Mikola Roman, violin (Concerto Armonico)

Gyöngyi Ujházi, cello (Opera House)

Gábor Varga, clarinet (First clarinet of Hungarian National Radio Orchestra)

Krisztina Fejes, piano

Andreas Luca Beraldo, conductor


Fees (without accommodation)
Active Students: 570 €
Listeners: 300 €

Fees with accommodation for 5 nights in a 2-room flat in the City Center (flat for 2 person)
Active Students: 760 €
Listeners: 490 €

Fees with accommodation for 5 nights in a 1-room flat in the City Center (flat for 1 person)
Active Students: 860 €
Listeners: 590 €

The fees should be sent to the following Bank Account

Associazione SHE LIVES
IBAN: IT17H0335901600100000131702
BIC/SWIFT (per le transazioni internazionali): BCITITMX
Banca Prossima – Filiale di Milano, Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10, 20121 Milano

Deadline for enrollment and delivery of the pieces and parts

7 August 2017

For further info write to:

7 Aug 2017
Euro (EUR)