Sigma Alpha Iota Inter-American Music Awards (IAMA) Composition Competition


Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies, Inc. announces the twenty-second Sigma Alpha Iota Inter-American Music Awards (IAMA) competition. Since 1948 the IAMA has been one of Sigma Alpha Iota’s ways of promoting contemporary composers of the Americas and their music.
Compositions are judged by a panel of well-known composers who also compose works as a part of the IAMA composer-judge agreement. The winning composition and the compositions by the composer-judges are premiered at the Sigma Alpha Iota National Convention following the competition. The works are then published by C. F. Peters Corporation for Sigma Alpha Iota.

COMPOSITION: The composition shall be for Solo Piano. It should be 3-10 minutes in length. The composition shall not have been published, recorded (other than for the purpose of submitting a recording to accompany the application) or performed publicly prior to entry in the IAMA competition. Once submitted, the work shall not be announced, performed, or recorded until the IAMA winner is presented at the National Convention.

The winning composition will be premiered at the Sigma Alpha Iota National Convention in Scottsdale, AZ, July 26-30, 2018.
The composer of the winning composition will receive a $2,500 cash award at the convention. Transportation to the convention and lodging for three nights will be provided for the winning composer.
The C. F. Peters Corporation will publish and copyright the winning composition and register it with the Library of Congress. Royalties will be shared equally between the composer and Sigma Alpha Iota.

ELIGIBILITY: The competition is open to any composer residing in North, Central, or South America, regardless of nationality, race, creed, or gender. Prior winners and composers who are, or have ever been, students of the composer-judges are ineligible. The applicant’s previous compositions shall not have been published by nationally/internationally known music publishers.

DEADLINE: The manuscripts shall be postmarked no later than Sept. 1, 2017

ENTRIES: More than one work may be submitted, with each submission sent in a separate mailing. Send two copies of each composition along with the completed application, to Sigma Alpha Iota Philanthropies, Inc., c/o IAMA Director, One Tunnel Rd., Asheville, North Carolina 28805.
PSEUDONYM: The name of the composer shall appear on the entry blank but not on the composition. To ensure anonymity during judging, the composer shall sign both the entry blank and the composition with the same pseudonym in her/his own handwriting. The composer-judges must not know the candidate’s name until the winner of the competition is selected.
MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION: The score should be computer engraved, and camera-ready.
DECISION OF THE JUDGES: The decision of the judges is final. The judges reserve the right to declare no winner, in which case the cash prize will revert to the Sigma Alpha Iota Inter-American Music Awards fund.
PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNER: The winner of the IAMA competition will be officially announced at the Sigma Alpha Iota National Convention in July 2018. The winner will receive prior personal notification by early 2018, which must be kept confidential until the Convention takes place in July 2018.
BREACH OF THE RULES: Should a breach in any of the rules governing the competition be revealed after the winner is selected, Sigma Alpha Iota reserves the right to cancel the award and grant the prize to the judges’ second choice.
PREMIERE PERFORMANCE: Sigma Alpha Iota will premiere the winning composition at the 2018 Sigma Alpha Iota National Convention. Prior to the formal premiere at convention, the winning composer will attend an on-site rehearsal of the work.

Additional information and the official application form are available at our website:; see "Philanthropies-Outreach Projects" and "Triennial Awards."

1 Sep 2017