Call for Solo and Chamber Timpani Music

The Solo and Chamber Timpanist’s Initiative is thrilled to announce our first-ever call for new solo and chamber timpani music. SCTI recognizes a shortage in timpani repertoire best attributed to the many challenges faced by composers when writing for this instrument.

One Grand Prize Winner will receive:
$200 cash prize
Live broadcasted performance of composition
Studio recording of composition

Four Runner-Ups will receive:
Live broadcasted performance of composition
Studio recording of composition

Submissions MUST …

Feature the timpani in a prominent and soloistic role.
Have been composed in the last ten years.
Utilize no more than six musicians.
Not exceed fifteen minutes. May be apart of a larger work.
Not exceed the use of one grand piano.

Submission Deadline: September 10th, 2017 11:59 PM EDT
Entry Fee: $0

Submissions may consist of one or more movements from a larger work.
Submissions utilizing electronics and/or fixed media are eligible for consideration.
Multi percussion setups are allowed and encouraged, provided that the timpani serve as a primary voice in the solo/ensemble.
Exceeding the typical range of the timpani or using more than four drums renders your piece less accessible for public performance.
Pieces that utilize instruments that are accessible in conservatory setting are preferred. These include but are not limited to: winds, brass, strings, percussion, piano, celeste, and voice.

Please make every effort to use unconventional sounds tastefully. These include preparing the timpani with cymbals, temple bowls, and crotales, striking timpani bowls and rims, and striking the timpani heads with brushes and/or other unconventional beaters.

Submission Instructions:
Please submit all relevant materials by emailing If files exceed standard sizes, please share a Google-Drive folder with us instead. This will require the use of a Google affiliated email account. Click here for further instructions on creating this folder.

Submission files may include:
Program Notes/Concept
Musical Score
Setup Diagram(s)
Synthetic or Acoustic Recording

Disclaimer: Composers are encouraged to submit multiple pieces. However, only ONE piece per entrant will be considered for a prize. SCTI promises not to share submissions with third parties. SCTI will delete compositions after the contest and performance have passed.

10 Sep 2017