Call for Scores and Proposals for Canadian women composers

Toronto-based presenter Caution Tape Sound Collective, in collaboration with the Association of Canadian Women Composers (ACWC), is excited to announce a Call for Scores and Proposals for the upcoming 2017/18 season. All women-identified composers and sound artists in Canada are welcome to submit, as well as Canadians in the field who are currently living abroad. Selected composers will be required to join the ACWC if they are not already members.
(submissions from non-Canadian composers will not be assessed.)

We will select a total of six works to present at a concert on March 24, 2018 in Toronto, Ontario. All selected composers will receive a minimum $100 honorarium, as well as video and audio documentation of the performance to be used for non-commercial purposes. The instrumentation available for this concert will be violin, flute, cello, piano, and percussion. Expansive percussion set-ups featuring larger instruments may prove logistically challenging. Compositions involving electronics, or acousmatic works, are also welcome provided they do not exceed a stereo setup. A stereo PA, mixer, and audio interface will be available for the concert – any equipment beyond those items will be the responsibility of the composer. Works should be no longer than 15 minutes in duration, however, some exceptions might be made for exceptional pieces/proposals that exceed that length.

Those interested in submitting for the Call for Scores are required to submit ONE score (PDF), as well as their CV. Audio (MP3 or WAV) recordings are highly encouraged, though not required. Please do not submit MIDI realizations. Downloadable links are recommended for larger files.

Those interested in submitting for the Call for Proposals should send a 1-page (maximum) proposal for a new work utilizing the instruments mentioned above, or a subset thereof. They should also include up to two examples of their previous work – scores and, if possible, recordings – as well as their CV. Again – please do not send MIDI realizations. Downloadable links are recommended for larger files.

Composers may submit to both the call for scores as well as the call for proposals, but no candidate will be selected for both. Six composers will be chosen for the concert. The deadline for both calls is August 1, 2017, and successful applicants will be notified by September 1, 2017. All materials should be sent to

1 Aug 2017