Opportunity for operatic composers

Story available to operatic composer:

If you're taste is for the extreme, I have a story that calls for full blown passion from sword fighting to seduction. From lullaby to laughter. The story is very traditional in an overt sense: royalty, murder, revenge, but the script takes a microscope to the characters and pushes the play to an edgy limit. The result is comedy.

The Swamp Opera is a coming-of-age story of a young prince, Novale, exiled on a steamy island. His only friend, a python, Solomon, sings to him as his higher, more mature self. Novale's brother, the cruel Bartolo, comes to hunt him periodically. He takes a piece of flesh, drops off enough supplies to keep him alive and departs- only to return at some point to take revenge again.

But wait! One of Bartolo's ships wrecks off the island bringing a woman, Lorelei into the plot. She was to be Bartolo's bride. She falls in love with Novale after he helps her survive. When Bartolo returns, the story comes to its climax. Novale finds strength and purpose through his new love. He will gain his proper title as King.

The Swamp Opera has three sets: treehouse in a grotto, beach in a cove and the stern of a ship. It is a highly visual opera with 10 colorful characters (8 actors). I envision most of the voices to be in the lower range, Novale: baritone, Bartolo: bass, Lorelei: contralto, but with a countertenor snake.

My background is in screenwriting and have written one novel. I have no background in music, but I love opera and was impelled to write this libretto.

17 Jul 2018