BEAMS Marathon Weekend Festival - Call for Scores

2017 BEAMS Marathon Weekend Festival

March 15th - 17th, 2018 - Brandeis University

The Brandeis University Music Department, in conjunction with New Music Brandeis, are pleased to announce the 2017 BEAMS (Brandeis Electro Acoustic Music Studio) Marathon Weekend Festival. This festival will bring together composers, performers, and artists working with electronics and/or video from all corners of New England for a weekend full of concerts, workshops, demonstrations, and panels.We are very pleased to announce our guest composers and ensembles, who will be presenting and performing at this year’s festival:

Pamela Z - Pamela Z is a composer/performer and media artist who works primarily with voice, live electronic processing, sampled sound, and video. A pioneer of live digital looping techniques, she processes her voice in real time to create dense, complex sonic layers. Her solo works combine experimental extended vocal techniques, operatic bel canto, found objects, text, and sampled concrète sounds. She uses MAX MSP and Isadora software on a MacBook Pro along with custom MIDI controllers that allow her to manipulate sound and image with physical gestures. Her performances range in scale from small concerts in galleries to large-scale multi-media works in theaters and concert halls. In addition to her performance work, she has a growing body of inter-media gallery works including multi-channel sound and video installations.

Elainie Lillios - Acclaimed as one of the “contemporary masters of the medium” by MIT Press’s Computer Music Journal, electroacoustic composer Elainie Lillios creates works that reflect her fascination with listening, sound, space, time, immersion and anecdote. Her compositions include stereo, multi channel, and Ambisonic fixed media works, instrument(s) with live interactive electronics, collaborative experimental audio/visual animations, and installations.

Christopher Biggs - Christopher is a composer and multimedia artist residing in Kalamazoo, MI, where he is Assistant Professor of Music Composition and Technology at Western Michigan University. Biggs’ recent projects focus on integrating live instrumental performance with interactive audiovisual media. In addition to collaborating with artists in other disciplines on projects, he treats all of his works as collaborations between himself and the initial performing artist by working with the performers during the creative process and considering their specific skills and preferences.

Yarn/Wire - Yarn/Wire is a quartet of two percussionists and two pianists. This instrumental combination allows the ensemble flexibility to slip effortlessly between classics of the repertoire and modern works that continue to forge new boundaries. Founded in 2005 while at Stony Brook University, Yarn/Wire is admired for the energy and precision they bring to performances of today's most adventurous music. The results of their collaborative initiatives with genre-bending artists such as Two-Headed Calf, Pete Swanson, and Tristan Perich point towards the emergence of a new and lasting repertoire that is "spare and strange and very, very new." (Time Out NY)

SPLICE Ensemble - The SPLICE Ensemble is a trumpet, piano, and percussion trio focussed on cultivating a canon of the most important works composed for instruments and electronics. Through seminars, lectures, master classes, concerts, and commissions, the SPLICE Ensemble works with composers and performers on performance practice techniques for collaboration and integrating electronics into a traditional performance space. The resident ensemble of both the SPLICE Summer Institute and the SPLICE Festival, the SPLICE Ensemble has been a featured ensemble at M Woods in Beijing, SEAMUS, the Electroacoustic Barndance, SCI National, Electronic Music Midwest. They have recorded on both the SEAMUS and Parma Labels.

Transient Canvas - Praised by the Boston Globe as "superb", Amy Advocat and Matt Sharrock have been blazing their own trail as the bass clarinet/marimba duo Transient Canvas since 2011. In that time they have premiered over 75 works, essentially creating an entirely new repertoire for their unique instrumentation. Fearless in their programming and hungry for new collaborations TC performs anywhere from microbreweries to concert halls and actively seeks out new composers who will stretch their instrumentation to its limits.
Call for Scores

We are currently accepting submissions from student composers studying in the New England area (MA, RI, VT, NH, ME, CT) for pieces that include electronics or video in some way. You must be a current undergraduate or graduate student at an institution in one of the above states, and must plan on attending the festival. If you do not attend the festival, your work will not be performed. We have four categories that you can submit to.

Category I: Music for the SPLICE Ensemble (Piano, Trumpet, Percussion)

We are accepting submissions for one piece that will be performed by the SPLICE Ensemble. Any subset of the ensemble will be considered, but preference will be given to works that include all three performers (and electronics or video).

Category II: Music for Transient Canvas (Bass Clarinet, Marimba)

We are accepting submissions for one piece that will be performed by Transient Canvas. Any subset of the ensemble will be considered, but preference will be given to works that include both performers (and electronics or video).

Category III: Works for Fixed Media

We are accepting submissions for pieces for fixed media (up to 8 channels, double diamond). These pieces may also include video.

Category IV: Pieces for Instrument and Electronics

We are accepting submissions for pieces for instruments and electronics. These can be for any instrument. For this category the composer will be responsible for bringing his or her own performers. These pieces may also include video.


- Please send us the following through the form at the link below:

- Name, email address, and affiliated institution

- Title, instrumentation, and length of piece you are submitting

- Detailed technical requirements

- Link to a score of your piece (if applicable)

- Link to a recording of your piece

- Please direct all questions to Brian Sears at

**Deadline for submission is October 31st 2017**
Submit at this link! ­

31 Oct 2017